This week: A new tool for screening sanctioned people & firms, a priceless commendation letter in Australia, school books in Nigeria, and an analysis of procurement data in 109 countries
This week: defense procurement, pay-to-play schemes, new data from Italy and an interview with Protenge’s Jamilya Maricheva
The new normal of pandemic procurement, South African datasets, investigation tips
Christmas rush on contracts, UK procurement refresh, new data from Chile and Ecuador
Vaccine makers call the shots, Africa’s choice: COVID-19 jabs or basic health services, German bribery case dropped, a pig for a public works tender in…
This week: well-connected US law firms, shady maritime monitoring in Nigeria, collusion schemes in Colombia, big business scrambles to meet net-zero…
This week: Champions pushing for procurement reforms, South Africa’s COVID-19 deals, public works in Guatemala, Chinese mask donations to Latin America
This week: Surprising insights from tracking public contracts, more detail on VIP fast track lanes, vaccine distribution, and kickbacks from Iraq’s…
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