Roads on the moon. Oversized trains. A £14B write-off from the pandemic. Data & resources from Germany & Canada. Mates rates in El Salvador. Apply for an open contracting reporting project in Nigeria
This week: Investigations in Colombia, Central America’s “Odebrecht”, US defense contracts & new data in Puerto Rico, Kazakhstan & Switzerland.
This week: A shady navy contractor on the loose, who pays for Ecuador’s oil spills, Canada’s public contracts & Afghanistan’s camo economy, + tips on…
This week: Investigating mental health in Latin America, stories from Nigeria, Uganda and the UK, and tips on using data to probe road paving in Brazil
This week: A new tool for screening sanctioned people & firms, a priceless commendation letter in Australia, school books in Nigeria, and an analysis of…
This week: defense procurement, pay-to-play schemes, new data from Italy and an interview with Protenge’s Jamilya Maricheva
The new normal of pandemic procurement, South African datasets, investigation tips
Christmas rush on contracts, UK procurement refresh, new data from Chile and Ecuador
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